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Fernwood Developments


Housing Developments in and around Fernwood


There are three developers building or planning to build houses on the edges of our village. The planning references are as follows if you want to look these up on the Newark and Sherwood District Council website.

Developments and Application Numbers

Application Number Builder/Developer Number of Dwellings Location


Barratt David Wilson Homes


Fernwood North


Persimmon Homes


Fernwood South


Larkfleet Homes


Between Fernwood Central and the Persimmon build

Work on the Barratt Wilson Homes site started last year and we should see new homes being occupied in the first quarter of 2020. 

The Parish Council are in close liaison with the developers to try to minimise disruption to Fernwood Residents.

There are conditions on their planning permission which means construction traffic should not be coming through the village. The Parish Council are keeping a log of issues, so please contact the Parish Council office if you see any problems.

Areas by Developer Areas by Developer