FirstPort and Fernwood – a brief guide….

FirstPort Properly Services is the management company currently contracted by the builder and landowner, Barratt and David Wilson Homes, to manage the common areas of land on Fernwood Central such as the village green and wooded areas.
They also look after the common areas in the apartment blocks, maisonettes, flats over garages, balancing ponds and the 42 resident car parks.
FirstPort appear on some deeds in their previous trading names of Peverel or OM Property Management.As a home owner on Fernwood you pay a fee to FirstPort for their service, it is a requirement of your freehold that you pay this fee.
The exception to this is those who own homes on the part of Fernwood known as phase one*.

The maintenance fees payable depend upon house size and if you have parking on a drive or a private courtyard. Typically fees are less then £270 per year, based upon a large 5 bed free hold property with a driveway. For details on specific properties please contact First Port who may be able to help.

* Phase one owners are not required to pay any fees to FirstPort as the management scheme had not been put in place when those homes were built – because, at that stage in Fernwood’s development, the builder/landowner reasonably expected that the open spaces would be maintained by the local council and paid for from council tax contributions which is the generally accepted protocol.

* As this didn’t happen i.e. the district council did not take over the maintenance of the open spaces, the builder/landowner employed a private maintenance company to do so instead and owners from phase two onwards are obliged to pay the charge.
Newark’s MP Robert Jenrick has raised the issue of charges in parliament. He also says Fernwood residents should have their council tax reduced – but this hasn’t happened:

Property owners on Fernwood are entitled to a free login to their FirstPort customer account. You can register at
This gives you an up to date summary of your payments to FirstPort and any fees due.
Your FirstPort customer login also contains many of the documents your solicitor needs when you sell your property. You can download these yourself, it needn’t cost a brass farthing.
We recommend ALL homeowners set up their free account soonest, it puts you in control.
The exception is owners on phase one who have no commitment to FirstPort and therefore no entitlement or need for an account.
* Prior to selling your property please contact First Port’s Rebecca Lawrence who will assist you to speed the process along.

* If your solicitor asks for additional information not available via your personal login, you will be directed to FirstPort’s Property Transfer team and there is likely to be a charge. For a prompt response at this stage please quote 39209 FERNWOOD in your email header.

If you have a mortgage, the management company (currently FirstPort) will also be recorded as having an interest.
* This is known as a “restriction” and is recorded in your legal documents when you purchased your property.

* The restriction is there to ensure you can’t sell your property until all fees due to the management company are paid.
Because of this, should you wish to change your mortgage company you will need two documents from FirstPort – notice of fees and certificate of consent.
Unfortunately you have to pay FirstPort for these. The current cost is £258.
If your garage is not connected to your property, you will need two sets of certificates and the cost will double to £516.
However, if you stay with the same mortgage provider, the certificates are not needed and there is therefore no charge.

FirstPort Presentation – January 2018

The FirstPort team at Fernwood

  • Chris Attwater – Property Manager – 07739 823432 – – Management issues
  • John Jeys – Facilities Manager – 07738 738910 Selling Packs, Tennis Court Fobs, Maintenance issues including grass not cut, vandalism etc
  • Alan Newbury – Gardener
  • James Parker – Gardener / Cleaner

Fernwood Office: 01636 674279

FirstPort Customer Services

FirstPort Property Services, Marlborough House, Wigmore Place, Wigmore Lane, Luton, LU2 9EX

Site Office

Located on Goldstraw Lane, opposite the entrance to Parsons Close.

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